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The decision you made to move abroad was intentional, wanted and actively chosen.   


Despite that, you moved, leaving behind a career you enjoyed, a support system you trusted, and a life where you knew what was next. 

To begin again, starting from zero. 

It all sounds exciting, but sometimes it can be lonely, frustrating and isolating. 


Are you ready to really start your life abroad, confidently taking on work and restoring balance and harmony at home but not sure how to get going?


If you have just made a move or have been living abroad and feeling stuck for some time, working with me can help you take those steps towards creating the life you want. 


Expat Life and its challenges
Expat Partner Coaching

Supporting expat partners to find their own path abroad,
so they can regain their confidence, redefine their purpose and restore the balance in their relationships. 

One to one 

You have some big questions:

How do you find out where you fit in to your life abroad? How do you create something for you? How do you transition your career overseas? How do you design a life where you are happy where you are?  How can you find a better balance? 


One to one coaching helps you to find your own answers by: 

  • Carving out time to focus on you and what you need.

  • Exploring your options with someone who has been there.

  • Creating the blue print for your life abroad. 

  • Building up your self-esteem and confidence.

  • Stepping into your new identity abroad.  

  • Opening the windows of opportunity around you. 

  • Writing your own roadmap with an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals. 

Global Coaching Circles

Find community and connect with like minded expat women.  Share experiences and create plans for your future. 


I offer global coaching circles for  expats (5-6 people maximum) focused on new expat transitions and career moves.  Here you will:

  • Find your tribe, moving forward with support.

  • Get motivated! 

  • Build structure through weekly meet ups.

  • Stay accountable to yourself and others.  

  • Gain clarity on where to focus your energy. 

  • Take brave steps out of your comfort zone.

  • Rediscover your confidence and you at your new best.  

Coaching Programmes


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"I highly recommend working with Holly, whether this is your first experience living as an expat, or you have been overseas for years. She is a great listener, easy to talk to and very passionate about helping her clients.



I had lost sight of the bigger picture, of my bigger picture and what I needed to get out of this expat experience. Setting aside time with Holly really transformed that. She gave me the space to reflect on what I want to achieve and helped me come up with a plan of action to make that happen.

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Adjusting to living overseas for the first time with young children was difficult. My sessions with Holly helped me slow down, take time to think about my life, and what I wanted from this experience for both myself and my family.

About me

 Hello I'm Holly, a certified coach, expat mum to two wonderful girls, and expat partner with experience living in Asia, South America, Australia and Europe.


Several years ago I packed up my life in London, walked away from my established career in marketing and much loved family and friends, to follow my husband on an expat assignment to Beijing. The “starting from zero” moment was both empowering and also challenging. Making that move was a decision we made together but for me an opportunity to move on from a life that was comfortable, but one I had outgrown.


My experiences as an expat have been exhilarating, exciting, shocking, surprising and challenging but I have made each move my own and I know you can too.


Having lived and worked across three continents I understand the challenges and opportunities that expat life can bring. From navigating a new country in a foreign language, transitioning your career, parenting third culture kids, to regaining your independence and finding a balance. I can support you to find your path abroad, and to make your move with confidence.

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